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PRENDI UN CAFFÈ A GLASGOW - Cottonrake: the best place for gluten-free food?

As I mentioned in Wednesday's postCottonrake is the best place in Glasgow for brownies. They're a perfect consistency, chocolate-y but not too rich, and just all-around good. I spend far too much money in Cottonrake on their brownies, but they’re so good so I think it’s justified.

It’s a very small café- there is are two benches which can fit around 6 people in them, so there isn’t much space. I really like that one of the long benches is right next to the window, so you can see right onto Great Western Road (as you can see in my pictures). Cottonrake also offer to-go food and coffee, which is handy because a) its on Great Western Road so people who work nearby can come and get food for lunch quickly and easily and b) it can be difficult to get a seat depending on what time of day you come.

I came about 11.30am, and it was beginning to get busy (thankfully I got a seat before it became very busy) and ordered myself a small cappuccino and a gluten-free brownie, even though I d…

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